Little Leebes – Al Emarat Qamis



Little Leebes Qamis are handmade in Dubaï using the highest quality fabrics.

This Qamis is THE extremely versatile outfit, which lends itself to all the looks of your little one: its unique and emblematic design easily adapts to all occasions. It is distinguished by a classic collar, split cuffs, and a snowball button placket.

To make your life easier, this unique Qamis can be easily opened from the bottom using clips buttons.



Order a Qamis child: Little Leebes Qamis are handmade in Dubaï using the highest quality fabrics.

After placing your order, a tailor advisor will contact you to define the color as well as the measurements that will make your Qamis unique.


The story begins when we arrived in the United Arab Emirates, more precisely in the prestigious city of Dubai. We embarked on the creation of Emirati qamis, with the particularity of being made by hand.

Leebes simply means “clothing” in Arabic. The Leebes qamis are developed with the concern for perfection and materials of incomparable quality.

The craftsmanship is one of the distinctive features of the brand: A good part of the manufacturing operations can only be carried out by hand. It is in part this taste for perfection that makes Leebes a luxurious and prestigious brand.

The other strength of the brand lies in its ability to combine tradition and modernity.

This innovative aspect of Leebes is also one of the characteristics that has led us to success today. The brand does not hesitate to shake up the codes of established fashion. Adopt different standard style colors of local Emirati cultures.

At Leebes, nothing lasts as it is. Ideas evolve and codes are put to the test in order to satisfy our customers every season of the year.

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